I sometimes speak on topics related to my work at conferences, universities, and public events. I also write for public audiences. I consider speaking, consulting, writing, and editing requests on a case-by-case basis; inquire if you’re interested.

Work-related topics I’m qualified to speak and write on include the social construction of race, inequality and discrimination, scapegoating and threat inflation as a means of class and race control, unconscious bias, segregation and civil rights history, and the 2016 election. Other topics I can speak or write on include intentional communities (communes) and effective altruism. To book me for a speaking engagement, or to inquire about writing or other work, email me.

Below are videos of my Ignite talks on effective altruism (5 minutes) and racial exclusion in roommate searches (5 minutes), a clip of NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast from 2016 featuring some of my research (15 minutes), and a recent op-ed article published in Greensboro’s News & Record.

Is North Carolina the New Florida?